From the long-lost session tapes of Donn Pennebaker’s “Audition at RCA”. This is the one tune that didn’t make it into the movie.


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Don Friedman Trio - Flashback (1963) {Riverside}

Don Friedman (piano); Dick Kniss (bass); Dick Berk (drums)

Recorded in 1963 at Plaza Sound Studios, NYC

Composed by Don Friedman


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Gianni Versace Collezione Uomo A/W 1996/’97Photographer : Bruce WeberModel : Shalom Harlow

Gianni Versace Collezione Uomo A/W 1996/’97
Photographer : Bruce Weber
Model : Shalom Harlow

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What does it take
(What does it take)
To win your love for me?
(To win your love for me)
How can I make
(How can I make)
This dream come true for me?
(Had a dream for you)

Whoa, I just got to know
(Have to know)
Ooo, baby ‘cause I love you so

'Gonna blow for you'

(sax & instrumental & background chorus)

I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried
In every way I could
(Anyway I could)
To make you see how much I love you
(See how much I love you)
I thought you understood
(Thought you understood)
So, you gotta make me see
(Make me see)
What does it take
To win your love for me?

'Gonna blow, again for you'


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